The Center for Sponsored Programs and Entrepreneurial Initiatives (formerly the Assistant Deanship of External Funding ) is the operational unit of the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (DEGI) that works with the UPR-RP community in the identification of external funding opportunities; development and submittal of proposals; and the awarding and management of grants. External funding allows UPR-RP to increase and diversify its fiscal resources portfolio for financing projects aimed at attaining its goals and objectives.

The Office of Donations and Contracts has been restructured and is now the Division of Post Award Management. This new division has been integrated into the DEGI’s Center for Sponsored Programs and Entrepreneurial Initiatives.

Through this restructuring, we seek to create a seamless path that will facilitate administrative processes and support during the external funding process from proposal submission to receipt and management of external funds. The staff of the Post Award Division is now located at DEGI, on the first floor of the Hogar Masónico, Río Piedras Campus.

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