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MA in Comparative Literature


Ana H. Fernández Sein, PhD, Harvard University, 1986, Professor.
Galdós and the modern novel; the gothic novel; eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century fiction

Susan Homar, PhD, New York University, 1982, Professor.
Caribbean literature; narratology; postmodern novel; history and theory of dance; dance and technology

Marian E. Polhill, PhD, Cornell University, 2002, Associate Professor.
Cultural studies; Medieval and Renaissance poetry and narrative; pre-modern literatures; Germanic literatures; scientific discourses; gender studies

Carmen Rita Rabell Reyes, PhD, State University of New York, 1990; PhD, Columbia University, 2000, Professor.
Renaissance and baroque literature and drama; literature and legal discourse; literary theory; Renaissance and medieval narrative

Rubén Ríos Ávila, PhD, Cornell University, 1983, Professor.
Literary theory; contemporary poetry; Lacanian theory; literature and film; contemporary Spanish American and Puerto Rican literature

María Elena Rodríguez Castro, PhD, Princeton University, 1988, Professor.
Cultural studies; Spanish Caribbean literature; literary theory; postcolonial literature and theory


Isabel Huyke,PhD, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1988, Professor, Department of Foreign Languages.
Classical and medieval poetry and narrative; Latin, Greek

Luce López Baralt, PhD, Harvard University, 1974, Professor, Department of Hispanic Studies.
Spanish Golden Age literature; comparative mystical studies; Hispano-Arab and Hispano-Moorish literatures

Mara Negrón, PhD, Université de Paris VIII, 1990, Professor, Humanities Department, College of General Studies.
Contemporary French and European literature; deconstruction; women’s studies; psychoanalysis; translation; theater

Ada M. Vilar de Kerkhoff, DML, Middlebury Graduate Language Schools, 1979, Professor, Department of Foreign Languages.
Literary theory; semiotics; narratology; poststructuralist theory; French literature, language, and composition; academic computing and technology


Admission Requirements
In addition to meeting all the general requirements for admission to graduate studies at the Río Piedras Campus, applicants must also meet the following specific requirements:

  1. An undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature, Liberal Arts, or an equivalent degree. Candidates who have not fulfilled certain requirements of the Graduate Committee may be classified as transitional students until they fulfill those requirements.
  2. Knowledge of a third language for research purposes. Candidates who have not fulfilled this requirement must begin to do so in their first semester of the program.
  3. Two letters of recommendation.
  4. A three-page essay. Applicants will be asked to analyze and critique an essay (provided by the department) related to the field Comparative Literature.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for the master’s degree must meet all the Río Piedras Campus’s requirements for graduation and complete the following credits:

  1. A minimum of 21 graduate credits in comparative literature
  2. A maximum of 9 graduate credits in Hispanic Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Linguistics, or similar fields approved by the Graduate Program
  3. A maximum of 9 credits taken at other universities or colleges, subject to approval by the Graduate Committee
  4. A maximum of 6 credits in independent study courses, approved according to the rules of the Graduate Program
  5. Meet the requirement of learning a third language
  6. Pass a written comprehensive exam
  7. Orally present and defend master’s thesis before an examining committee comprising the thesis director and two examiners  

Program of Study

Description of Courses (PDF)


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