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MA in Hispanic Studies


Ramón Luis Acevedo, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1978, Professor.
Central American and Caribbean literature

Matilde Albert Robatto, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1976, Professor.
Spanish and Galician literature; writing and style

Iris B. Alemán, PhD, Cornell University, 1987, Professor.

Rafael Bernabe, PhD, State University of New York, Binghamton, 1989, Researcher.
Sociology and Puerto Rican literature

Sunny Cabrera Salcedo, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1999, Associate Professor.
Spanish linguistics

Sofía Cardona Colom, PhD, University of Massachusetts, 1988, Professor.
Contemporary Spanish literature

María Inés Castro, PhD, Univerisity of Puerto Rico, 2002, Assistant Professor.
Spanish linguistics

Félix Córdova Iturregui, PhD, Princeton University, 1979, Professor.
Spanish and Puerto Rican literature

Luis Felipe Díaz, PhD, University of Minnesota, 1984, Professor.
Spanish and Puerto Rican literature

Edith Faría Cancel, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1978, Associate Professor.
Spanish American and Puerto Rican literature

Fernando Feliú Matilla, PhD, University of California Davis 1994, Professor.
19th- and 20th-century Puerto Rican literature

Juan Gelpí, PhD, Princeton University, 1983, Professor.
Spanish American and Puerto Rican literature; literary theory

Carmen N. Hernández Torres, PhD, University of Puerto Rico 1994, Professor,
Spanish linguistics

Aurora Lauzardo, PhD, Princeton University, 1990, Professor.
Golden Age and Medieval Spanish literature

Luis López Alvarez, PhD, Université de Paris III Sorbonne, 1985, Professor.
Spanish and Spanish American literature. Academic liaison between Hispanic Studies Department and Juan Ramón Zenobia Study Hall

Luce López Baralt, PhD, Harvard University, 1974, Professor.
Spanish and Moorish-Spanish Golden Age literature

Mercedes López Baralt, PhD, Cornell University, 1980, Professor.
Literary anthropology; Pre-Colombian and colonial literature

María Luisa Lugo, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1995, Assistant Professor.
Spanish Literature

Miguel Ángel Náter Maldonado, PhD, University of Puerto Rico 2002, Assistant Professor.
Spanish American literature and Spanish American theatre

María Teresa Narváez, PhD, University of Puerto Rico 1988, Professor.
Spanish literature and Moorish-Spanish Golden Age literature

Luis A. Ortiz López, PhD, University of New Mexico 1996, Professor.
Spanish linguistics and dialectology

Juan Otero Garabís, PhD, Harvard University 1998, Professor.
Caribbean literature

Melanie Pérez Ortiz, PhD, Stanford University 1999, Associate Professor.
Spanish American and Puerto Rican literature

Carmen I. Pérez Marín, PhD, Harvard University, 1990, Professor.
Contemporary Spanish American literature

Pamela Phillips, PhD, Washington University, St. Louis 1997, Assistant Professor,
18th-century Spanish literature.

Mayra Santos Febres, PhD, Cornell University, 1991, Professor.
African and Caribbean literature; feminist literature


Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to graduate studies at the Río Piedras Campus, applicants must meet the following specific requirements established by the program:

  1. Students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies will be required to take 18 credits (9 officially registered and 9 as an official audit student) in Hispanic Studies.
  2. Three credits in each of the following: Spanish literature, Spanish American literature, and Puerto Rican literature
  3. Six credits in Spanish linguistics (ESPA 4011 and ESPA 4012) and three credits in literary theory. PhD students may select these courses from among undergraduate and graduate courses.

Depending on the candidate’s transcript, he or she may be required to take up to fifteen credits maximum in philosophy, history, and art courses.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must meet all graduation requirements established by the Río Piedras Campus.

Program of Study

Program Requirements


ESHI 6559-6560 Graduate Research


Courses Chosen under Guidance


ESHI 6900 Comprehensive Examination


ESHI 6895 Master's Thessis


ESHI 6896 Thessis Continued


Total Credits


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