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MS in Physics


Fouad Aliev, PhD, Leningrad State University, 1975, Professor.
Experimental solid-state physics; condensed mass physics; liquid crystals; porous mediums; dielectric spectroscopy; static dispersion techniques and light dynamics

Daniel R. Altschuler, PhD, Brandeis University, 1975, Professor.
Astronomy, extragalactic radio sources; active galactic nucleus

Lutful B. Bhuiyan, PhD, University of London, 1977, Professor.
Statistical mechanics; chemical-physics; electrolyte structure and thermodynamics; double electric layers; theory of liquids

Lesser Blum, PhD, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1956, JS Guggenheim Fellow 1978; Fellow, American Physical Society, 1980-; J. Hilderbrand Award 2003; Professor.
Mathematical physics; exact results for charged systems; exactly solved problems in statistical mechanics; surface electrochemistry, theory and experiment; theory of active electrodes; the hydrogen fuel cell; equations of state for complex fluids, polyelectrolytes, ionic channels; analytical theory of water and solutions

Luis F. Fonseca, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1985, Professor.
Solid-state physics; optical and electrical properties of crystalline and amorphous materials; nanostructured semiconductors: synthesis and opto-electronic properties

Manuel Gómez, PhD, Cornell University, 1968, Professor.
Solid-state physics; phase transitions; optical properties of solids

Maxime J-F. Guinel, PhD, Washington State University, 2006, Assistant Professor.
Joint appointment between the Departments of Chemistry and Physics.
Experimental nanotechnology

Xianping Feng, PhD, La Trobe University (Australia), 2000, Assistant Professor.
Performed experiments on laser-matter interaction utilizing Nd:YAG short pulse lasers; thin film deposition and research; photoemission & laser characterization; study/analyze hot and dense plasma generated by laser radiation or in plasma focus

Ram Katiyar, PhD, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1968, Professor.
Raman and infrared spectroscopy; growth and characterization of ferroelectrics, transparent semiconductors, solid state ionics in thin film and nano-crystalline forms for optoelectronic applications; lattice dynamics of phonons

Carlos Marín, PhD, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1997; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2002, Assistant Profesor.
Production and characterization of nanostructured materials; melt, vapor and solution growth of single crystalline semiconductors and oxides; heat and mass transfer related to materials processing on earth and in space; measurement of electronic and thermophysical properties of solids and melts at high temperature; theoretical and experimental X-ray diffraction

Antonio Martínez, PhD, American University, 1990, Associate Professor.
Condensed matter physics; epitaxial growth of metals and wideband gap semiconductors; transport properties; surface physics

José F. Nieves, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1980, Professor.
Theoretical particle physics

Luca Olmi, PhD, Università degli Studi di Firenze(Italy), 1991, Assistant Professor.
Radio astronomy, optical design, stars formation studies.

Ratnakar Palai, PhD, University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom), 2004. Assistant Professor.
Physics of nanostructured materials, “spintronics

Carmen A. Pantoja, PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1995, Assistant Professor.
Astronomy; spectral analysis; galaxies; cosmology

Jaime Ponce de León, PhD, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1985, Professor.
General relativity; cosmological heterogeneous models; Kaluza-Klein theory

Ronald G. Selsby, PhD, The Ohio State University, 1969, Professor.
Chemical-physics; calculations of molecular ionization energies and electronic affinities

Alfredo Torruella, PhD, Yale University, 1965, Professor.
Quantum mechanics; nonlinear waves; computational fluid dynamics

Marcelo R. Ubriaco, PhD, University of North Carolina, 1989, Professor.
Quantum field theory; quantum group applications to quantum statistical mechanics

Gerardo Morel, PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 1995. Professor.
Nanostructured material for electronic applications

Julian Velev, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2002. Associate Professor.
Physics of condensed material, theory; electronic structure and transport properties

S. Zvi Weisz, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1962, Emeritus Professor.
Condensed matter physics; electrical and optical properties of semiconductors and amorphous materials; thin films

Collaborating Professors

Juan C. Cersosimo, PhD, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina), 1986. Professor.
Astrophysics; double stars; astrochemistry

Ernesto Esteban, PhD, University of Note Dame, 1993, Professor.
Astrophysics; astrochemistry

Rogelio Furlan, PhD, Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil), 1990, Professor.
Sensor nanofibers; biological activators and applications

Mark R. Jury, PhD, University of Zululand (South Africa), 1984, Associate Professor.

Rafael B. Méndez Tejeda, PhD, Universidad Complutense (Spain), 1996, Professor.
Contaminant transport model; climate changes; meteorology and climatology

Rafael J. Muller, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2002, Professor.
Astrophysics; binary stars; astronomic instrumentation; astrochemistry

Wilfredo Otaño-Rivera, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1998, Professor.
Nanolaminates; electrospinning; sputtering

Nicholas J. Pinto, PhD, Montana State University, 1992, Professor.
Polymers; functional nanofibers

Luis G. Rosa, PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2005. Assistant Professor.
Interactions and properties between surfaces and nanostructures

Natalya A. Zimbovskaya, PhD, D.Sc, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1977-1994, Professor.
Solid-state physics; electronic structures and transport properties


Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements for admission to graduate studies at the Río Piedras Campus and in the College of Natural Sciences, the Department of Physics requires:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in Physics or its equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 3.00 (on a scale of 4.00)
  2. GRE (verbal and quantitative); the advanced test is recommended
  3. TOEFL (if the student’s language is neither Spanish nor English)

Graduation Requirements

All candidates must meet the general graduation requirements established by the Río Piedras Campus.

Program of Study

Program Requirements


Required Courses


FISI 6401 Methods of Theoretical Physics I


FISI 6412 Classical Mechanics I


FISI 6431 Electromagnetic Theory


FISI 6451 Quantum Mechanics I


FISI 6452 Quantum Mechanics II


FISI 6454 Statistical Mechanics


FISI 6500 Colloquium I-II


FISI 6991 Research in Physics


Electives in Physics


FISI 6900 Comprehensive Examination




FISI 6896 Thesis Continued


Total Credits


Description of Courses (PDF)


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