The fundamental mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to recruit students—both from Puerto Rico and abroad—with excellent academic performance to pursue graduate studies on this campus, and once they become part of our university community, to lend them the appropriate support services to finish their degrees. The functions of the Student Affairs Office include:

  • Organize and coordinate the graduate admissions process
  • Articulate, organize, and administer graduate student financial aid programs
  • Coordinate the awarding of academia assistantships with institutional and outside funding
  • Guarantee that graduate student support services are high in quality and respond to students’ needs
  • Provide orientation regarding scholarships and other forms of financial aid for graduate students
  • Coordinate academic, research, and professional development programs for graduate students
  • Actively promote the recruitment of students within and outside of Puerto Rico
  • Serve as a link to the Office of the Dean of Students and other institutional bodies that provide services to graduate students
  • Strengthen financial aid programs
  • Optimize the academic-administrative processes that govern graduate studies
  • Promote the professional and civic development of the graduate student body
  • Offer orientation to graduate students regarding their rights and duties and respond to their claims
  • Evaluate and establish standards and provide orientation on the registration of student theses, equivalent projects, and dissertations through University Microfilms, Inc.
  • Encourage, develop, and coordinate innovative projects that provide direct benefits for graduate students