Application for Admission to Graduate Studies

Those interested in applying to a graduate program at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus must complete the form titled Application for Admission to Graduate Studies at the Río Piedras Campus ELECTRONICALLY (Admissions application for the UPR Law School is different).

Foreign applicants may only apply for admission for the August session and this deadline falls on the first Friday of December of the previous year. It is highly recommended that international applicants become familiar with the rules and procedures of the US Immigration Services. You may also learn about relevant information about the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus and about the most important aspects of student life in Puerto Rico by visiting the International Students web pages.

All applicants must pay the admission or readmission fee per application at the time of submitting it or before the admission deadline to be processed.

Admission TypeCostDescription
Regular Admission $20.00 This pertains to applicants who are applying for regular admission for the first time to a graduate program; or who after earning a master’s degree want to continue doctoral studies in the same program.
Readmission to graduate studies $33.00 Readmission pertains to students who wish to continue their graduate studies in the same academic program after a period of absence of one semester or more. The Admissions Committee of the graduate program evaluates these applications taking into consideration, among other factors, enrollment limits, and the academic merit and potential of the applicant.
Transitory Studies $20.00 This applies to applicants who need prerequisite courses to fulfill admission requirement for advanced studies in a graduate program on campus. Prior to Regular Admission in a graduate program, applicants may also take required courses or electives, which upon successful completion may be applied to that program. Transitory Studies status is granted for one semester but could be extended subject to approval by the graduate program.
Study Permit $20.00 For applicants who are not interested in admission to a graduate program, but would like to take a graduate course for the purposes of professional development, or for those who come from another institution and would like to complete a graduate course and then return to their primary institution. Study Permits are granted for one semester only.

Payment Methods

Online Payment - The payment online option is available once the application has been submitted. The system accepts payments through the Internet made by ATH from Banco Popular of Puerto Rico, Visa, or Master Card. It is highly recommended that you use this method, as the payment will be recorded immediately.

Application fees are non-refundable.

If you have any questions or problems with the application payment, you may contact the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at .