General lnformation - Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

One of the goals of the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (DEGI) is to promote academic excellence in all campus graduate programs. The DEGI Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (DAA) oversees graduate program evaluation and accreditation as well as student learning assessment, key elements for achieving the continuous advancement of master’s and Ph.D. programs offered at the Río Piedras Campus.

This office has taken on the challenge of developing and implementing two plans of great significance for our university: the Graduate Program Evaluation Plan and the Graduate Learning Assessment Plan. This section provides information about both initiatives. You will also find pertinent information to facilitate the administrative processes relating to academic affairs. The corresponding academic policies, flow charts, examples and other formats for administrative procedures such as course processing, the creation of new programs, periodic evaluation, and program accreditations, are also provided.   

The DAA is geared toward serving as a catalyst for innovation in graduate programs by expanding the resources available to them.