Objective of the Evaluation for Graduate Programs

The focus of DEGI’s Evaluation Plan is basically academic in nature, with a general objective that follows two specific approaches:

  • to analyze the role of each graduate program in the context of its discipline, its faculty and its degree of conformity to the ideals of a Doctoral Research Campus
  • to gauge the programs’ ability to assess their own state of development, articulate their vision for the future and determine the strategies and resources needed in order to achieve their goals and objectives, all in accordance with that vision.

This plan will allow DEGI to:

  • evaluate them based on quality, productivity and performance in accordance with the mission and Strategic Plan of the Río Piedras Campus and, specifically, that of graduate studies
  • highlight their accomplishments and identify their strengths
  • identify the areas in need of attention and improvement within their operations
  • determine their potential for development and their aspirations for the future
  • support them in the design and successful implementation of a development plan which outlines priorities, specific tasks and assignment of responsibilities
  • incorporate their graduate program development plans into those already in operation, both at the departmental level and throughout the entire Campus
  • establish an auditing system aimed at guaranteeing the successful implementation of graduate program development plans