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  • Comité Organizador CEIG

    Reciban todos/as un cordial saludo de parte del Comité Organizador del Sexto Congreso Estudiantil de Investigación Graduada (CEIG) adscrito al Decanato de Estudios Graduados e Investigación (DEGI). Por los pasados años los/as participantes del Programa de Experiencias Académicas Formativas (PEAF) se han dado la tarea de desarrollar este simposio con la finalidad de divulgar los proyectos de nuestros estudiantes graduados de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Río Piedras.

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  • uprrp


    Programa de Becas para Disertación, Tesis o Proyecto Equivalente (PBDT) y Becas por Mérito Académico y Ejecutorias Excepcionales

    Convocatoria Año Académico 2018-2019

    Fecha de Publicación: 14 de marzo de 2018
    Fecha Límite para entregar solicitud: 16 de abril de 2018
    Fecha de Notificación: 31 de mayo de 2018
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  • Fecha límite para someter las propuestas : 31 de marzo de 2018
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  • Convocatoria Año Académico 2018 – 2019

    Convocatoria a Estudiantes Graduados que interesan Solicitar al Programa de Experiencias Académicas Formativas (PEAF) Año Académico 2018 – 2019

    Fecha de Publicación: 7 de diciembre de 2017
    Fecha Límite para Radicar Solicitud: 28 de febrero de 2018


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Forward-looking spirit

Academic Affairs

Creation, development, and management of graduate programs.

At the forefront


Management, control, and impulse of research.


Student Affairs

Support to the development and education of our students.

Financial support

External Funding

Provides an economic base for investigation and for the development of programs.


Graduate-Level Studies

Top notch graduade-level programs at Puerto Rico's oldest and most prestigious university.

Doctoral and masters programs are available, offering the highest level of academic and quality that will prepare you to excel in your career.

See the diverse academic offerings and research opportunities available on Puerto Rico's main educational facility, the University of Puerto Rico, on our academic catalog.


Financial Aid

University Intramural Practice Plan

University Intramural Practice Plan (PPUI)

What is PPUI?

The University of Puerto Rico’s intramural practice plans promote, market, and provide the general community with professional services by way of its educational staff and supporting personnel. The plans established will be self-sufficient and will not depend upon the General Fund in any way. This intramural practice can be used to:

  • Support research, training, and service projects
  • Expose students to professional practice models
  • Develop students’ and professors’ potential

At the Río Piedras Campus, by virtue of Circular Number 48, Year 2004-2005, the Chancellor housed the University Intramural Practice Plan under the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, and its Assistant Deanship of External Funding (DAFE, by its acronym in Spanish).

Who can participate?

Enables the voluntary participation of teaching personnel from the Campus’ colleges and schools, administrative staff, graduate students, and others that directly or indirectly collaborate in the services rendered by the colleges or any of their affiliated divisions.

What professional services does the PPUI provide?

The PPUI contributes to the mission and purposes of the University of Puerto Rico by making available the expertise of the teaching personnel ascribed to the Río Piedras Campus’ different professional colleges and schools. Among others, professional services are offered in:

  • Advising and consultation
  • Auditing
  • Training and workshops
  • Program evaluation
  • Research development

PPUI guide (PDF)

Grants Awarded

Proposal Tracking is an electronic module that acts as a clearinghouse of both pre- and post-award information. Using an electrnic interface allows users to quickly locate and identify proposals. The electronic proposal record contains varied and key information about the principal investigator, collaborators, project’s duration and description, budget request detailed by external funding, institutional support and indirect costs. The information entered in the electronic proposal record can be output through customized reports. The three reports that are presented in this tab detail the external funding obtained by UPR-RP during calendar years 2007, 2008 and 2009, as it pertains to said budget period.









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