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Vol 5.1

Studying the Pleasure Center of the Brain

Researchers in the lab of UPR-RP professor Carmen Maldonado investigate two neuropeptide-hormones that could help recovering drug addicts by blocking memories of drug use.


Creating Transnational Ties

UPR-RP professor Karin Weyland studies how Dominican women migrating between Santo Domingo, Washington Heights, and Piñones break with old patterns of power and give new meaning to cultural identities.


Researching Architecture of the “Other America”

María Isabel Oliver, a UPR-RP professor of architecture, discusses the architectural qualities and myths that make up the “Other America.”


Investigating a Protein’s Role in Recovery From Breast Cancer

UPR-RP biochemist Zarixia Zavala Ruiz investigates a protein molecule’s role in the high mortality rate of Hispanic women with breast cancer.


Transforming Science Education to Keep Pace with Advances

Michelle Borrero, biologist and assistant dean of student affairs at the College of Natural Sciences, refashioned herself into an education researcher to transform science education at UPR-RP.


Law School Connects with Communities

Students at UPR-RP’s School of Law contribute to the community through pro bono work.


Transformations of the Mulata Heroine

UPR-RP professor Mercedes López-Baralt interprets the last poems by Luis Palés Matos from a mythical perspective.


Student Briefs

Highlights of four UPR-RP graduate students’ research.



Professor Briefs

An introduction to the headway being made by two UPR-RP researchers in anthropology (Professor María Isabel Quiñones-Arocho) and geology (Professor Maritza Barreto-Orta, photo above).


Finding Delight in the Ineffable

Recurring themes in the recent work of UPR-RP Professor Mara Negrón Marrero: animality, body, and the city. 


Forest Fragmentation May Dwarf and Deform Island’s Coquís

UPR-RP researchers, led by Professor Carla Restrepo, find smaller coquís on the islandand are the first to note their limb deformities.


The Intricacies of Transdisciplinary Research

UPR-RP Professor Maribel Aponte García crosses disciplinary boundaries to research business alternatives, social development, and everyday life in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. 


Symbiotic Parasites, Bacteria, and Other Microorganisms Keep Us Healthy

Once thought to jeopardize health, many microorganisms that co-evolved with humans actually contribute to our well-being, reports UPR-RP microbiologist María Domíguez-Bello.


What Happens in Your Body When You Exercise?

UPR-RP research by Professor Lucía Martínez Colón reveals age-dependent metabolisms and hormones in women during exercise.


Puerto Rico and St. Croix Community Collaborations

Two UPR-RP researchers, Professors Nadjah Ríos Villarini and Mirerza González Vélez, work to improve bilingual education in the Puerto-Crucian community of St. Croix.


Is a Knowledge-based Economy Sustainable?

UPR-RP Planning Professor Criseida Navarro-Díaz analyzes a science and technology economy in terms of social responsibility.



Recent publications by UPR-RP researchers.


Chancellor’s Message

Accept responsibility for the future.






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