Assistant Dean’s Office for Graduate Student Affairs

The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, as the first university center in Puerto Rico, has set the development and strengthening of graduate education as its first priority mission. DEGI has a central role in achieving that goal. In turn, the Assistant Dean’s Office for Graduate Student Affairs directly contributes to encouraging students of excellent academic performance to study at our campus. Once incorporated in our community, we work by creating, coordinating, and articulating services to enrich their student life.

The Assistant Dean’s Office for Graduate Student Affairs fundamental mission is getting the local and foreign students with excellent academic performance to incorporate to the campus’s graduate programs and that, once a part of our community, they get the ideal support services to finish their degrees. Among the duties of this office we can highlight:

  • Organize and coordinate the graduate admissions process.
  • Construct, organize, and administer the financial aid programs for graduate students.
  • Coordinate the processes for granting academic assistantships with institutional and external funds.
  • Guarantee that the support services provided to the student body are of quality and respond to their necessities.
  • Inform about grant opportunities and financial aid for graduate students.
  • Coordinate academic, professional, and research development programs for graduate students.
  • Actively promote the recruitment of students from and outside Puerto Rico.
  • Serve as a link with the Deanery of Students and other agencies that provide services to the graduate students.
  • Strengthen the financial aid programs.
  • Optimize the academic-administrative processes that govern graduate studies.
  • Promote the professional and civic development of the graduate student body.
  • Offer guidance regarding the rights and responsibilities of graduate students and heed their complaints.
  • Evaluate, establish norms, and guide on the processes for the submitting of theses, equivalent projects, and students dissertations to University Microfilms, Inc.
  • Promote, develop, and coordinate innovative projects that result in direct benefit to graduate students.
  • Strategic recruitment, academic advancement, and professional development of the graduate students.
  • Grow the graduate student body population.
  • Create a Center for the Professional Development of Graduate Students.
  • Provide an ample portfolio of financial aid options for graduate students.
  • Establish models of excellence in academic counseling and mentoring in our graduate programs.
  • Establish a support program for graduate students.
  • Evaluate area achievements according to the Strategic Actions Plan (PAE, for its Spanish abbreviation) – DEGI 2007-2008 and its annual work plans.
  • Offer graduate students institutional services consonant with their necessities.
  • Strengthen the Pincel program.
  • Strengthen and formalize the training program for teaching assistants.
  • Fortify student participation.
  • Increase the communication with and within the graduate student body.
  • Implement the PAE-DEGI 2001-2008.
  • Keep a record of area operations.
  • Encourage that each person in the area elaborates an annual work plan and self-evaluates based on their expectations.
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