About DEGI

The Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (DEGI, by its Spanish acronym) has theresponsibility of promoting and coordinating graduate studies and research for the Río Piedras Campus. In addition it is responsible for promoting the integral development of graduate students through initiatives directed to enrich the academic, intellectual, and cultural experiences during the student’s years at the graduate program. To collaborate and efficiently realize this work, the Dean acts as a link between the graduate programs and the Office of the Chancellor, and also works in close alliance with the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. In collaboration with the Advisory Council of Graduate Studies and Research (CEGI for its Spanish acronym), the Dean prepares and implements the Assessment Plans for the Graduate Programs and Research Centers on the Campus.

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research is responsible for:

  • Ensure that the graduate programs and research centers comply with the rules established by university governing boards. 
  • Coordinate the periodical evaluation of graduate programs and research centers.
  • Support and following up on the Development Plans of graduate programs and research centers. 
  • Collaborate with the colleges and schools in identifying and developing existing resources. 
  • Design and outline a consistent effective plan of action for acquiring external funding. 
  • Facilitate the establishment of joint programs and projects with other universities, institutions, cultural and scientific entities to foster the exchange of ideas between the different sectors of society, both at a local and international level. 
  • Coordinate with the Office of the Dean of Students services that graduate student needs, including, scholarships, other financial aid and support services.

Advisory Council of Graduates Studies and Research

The Council of Graduates Studies and Research (CEGI, by its Spanish acronym) acts as an advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. This board deliberates on, and offer solutions to, issues that affect the development of graduate programs, research progress, creative work, student and faculty services of graduate programs. The CEGI suggests institutional policy that is inherent to graduate students.

Members of the Council
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, president ex officio
Dean of Academic Affairs, member ex officio
One elected faculty member and one alternate for each of the colleges and school with graduate programs or research centers.
Director of the Library System or a representative.
A Senator selected by the Academic Senate from among the members of the Academic Affairs Committee and an alternate elected representative.
Three students taking graduate courses and three alternates from different graduate programs.

Contact Information

+1 (787) 764-0000
Ext. 86700

Postal Address
P.O. Box 21790
San Juan, PR 00931-1790


Physical Address
Edificio Hogar Masónico
Avenida Ponce de León
Universidad de Puerto Rico
Recinto de Río Piedras