The Dept. of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SBIR Phase 1 solicitation has recently dropped. What this means is that the proposal window has opened with a submission deadline of April 14, 2021. In the meanwhile, you can also ask questions to the relevant points-of-contact to clarify any particular topic if you would like more information about what they are looking for.

NIST will fund companies in the following areas:

Advanced Communications, Networks and Scientific Data Systems

Next-generation communication technologies, “internet of things” (IoT) applications, drones, and future artificial intelligence/machine learning-based systems and more

Advanced Manufacturing and Material Measurements

Precision measurement technologies, advanced materials development, advanced sensing, biomanufacturing and smart manufacturing systems.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Anything to strengthen cybersecurity

Fundamental Measurement, Quantum Science and Measurement Dissemination

NIST pushes for new tools and techniques—especially at the quantum scale where the rules of classical physics do not apply.

Health and Biological Systems Measurements

Precision medicine, engineering biology, medical imaging, regenerative medicine and more

Physical Infrastructure and Resilience

Development of building codes to make the built environment healthier for occupants, more resilient against hazards, and safer for both residents and first responders.

Exploratory Measurement Science

Other areas of measurement tools that are higher risk and potentially transformative to stay on the cutting edge of technology trends.

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