Areas to be Evaluated

Graduate programs will be evaluated based on the criteria and respective sub-topics shown in the categorical arrangement below.

  • mission, vision, history, goals and objectives of the program as compared with those of its Faculty and the Campus as a whole
  • recruitment, capacity, student performance
  • program-alumni relations
Professors: Research and Creative Activity
  • recruitment, teaching performance, academic workload, productivity, publications, dissemination, external funds
  • academic offerings, curriculum revisions (including integration of new courses, and modification and/or elimination of existing ones)
Management, Planning and Development
  • leadership, services, processes, supporting staff, practical job training
Essential Teaching Resources, Research and Creative Activity
  • facilities, class rooms, offices, laboratories, workshops, practice centers, technological infrastructure, equipment
Overall Perception of the Program Environment
  • the perception which graduate students and professors have of the program
Student Learning
  • Appraisal of Research Competency

The selection of these areas of evaluation was determined based on the elements common to each of the Campus’ graduate programs. Such evaluation will allow DEGI to:

  • to know the general state of any particular program and to design a plan of action conducive to its development
  • to conduct longitudinal studies of various programs in one or more areas, joining forces and resources in order to attend to common needs

Certain standards of quality have been established for each area, deemed to be compatible with the routine operations of the Río Piedras Campus and also with the ideals of any doctoral research university.