Evaluation of Graduate Programs

The evaluation of graduate programs must be a cyclic process which maintains academic offerings that are relevant to the changing social and market realities. It must be regulated by the dispositions of Certification 43 (2006-2007) of the Board of Trustees, which applies to all campuses of the University of Puerto Rico. This certification nullifies Certification 93-113 of the former Council of Superior Education, Certification 126 (1980-1981) and Certification 64 (1989-1990) of the Academic Senate, as well as any other certification, regulation, procedure, circular letter or disposition that contravenes the current University Bylaws.

The Program Evaluation Plan that was developed by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (DEGI) provides a uniform format for the graduate programs of the Río Piedras Campus. The report of the program evaluation will identify the need, type and magnitude of the changes that must be made. If these changes are substantial, they will be taken care of by following the institution’s policies and procedures that are contained in Certification 80, (2005-2006) of the Board of Trustees. (Please refer to Creation of New Programs). In the event of having to declare a program suspension, the procedure included in the Guide to Declare a Program Suspension and to Reactivate Academic Programs in the University of Puerto Rico, must be followed.